Canadian Drilling School

About Us

Canadian Drilling School

Canadian Drilling School is a privately-owned school operating out of Kelowna, Alberta Canada.

We specialize in educating drilling personnel to the highest international standard with a variety of classroom and distance-learning courses.

Our Mission

With CDS’s talented team, we are dedicated to educating oilfield personnel to the highest international standards.

Our mission is to ensure all our clients receive the same high quality instruction, regardless of their geographical location.

Our goal is to create an educated oilfield workforce that works safely and protects the environment.

Our Vision

To lead the way to the future by being the premier provider of oilfield education, both in the classroom and distance learning.

We intend to consistently provide our clients with the best learning experience through CDS-certified instructors using clear, easy-to-follow CDS materials.

Making registrations easy from beginning to end, with a smart, user-friendly website, easy registration process, and secure payment method.

To provide our franchisees with quality assistance to help them grow as we have done.